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Compress your revenue cycle and maximize your chances of getting the client using Accelerent’s business development system. Accelerent is a business development platform that targets the middle market business community. Each of Accelerent’s clients is unique to its business category, and Accelerent brings them together in a variety of ways to develop relationships that lead to new business. Strong referrals from trusted advisors increase your chances of success, and Accelerent takes this idea to a whole new level.

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‘It's Never Random - It's a Process with Strategy, Training, Tools & Support’.

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    Lt Col Patricia Murray Washington D.C. 09-21-2023

    Can a woman that walked as Miss California in 4” heels command an aircraft in combat? You bet!!

    LTCol. Patricia......

    Lt Col Patricia Murray

    Retired Lieutenant Colonel and Instructor Pilot for the California Air National Guard and Former Miss California

    Can a woman that walked as Miss California in 4” heels command an aircraft in combat? You bet!!

    LTCol. Patricia Murray has been speaking to audiences of all ages for over 26 years about how the most ordinary ideas can be extraordinary successes.

    She has often been told how “lucky” she has been in her life to have achieved so much, but once you listen to her speak, you will learn that it is simply turning life’s normal rejections and failures to her advantage and being ready to seize opportunities when they appear. She is an expert on leadership in high stress and dynamic situations, breaking the glass ceiling and developing positive harmonious relationships between men and women in the workplace and finding a
    way to win the race of life when the world is convinced you are the underdog.

    Patricia is an engineer by trade but used her scholarship earned as Miss California 1992 to pursue a career in commercial aviation. She was recruited by the California Air National Guard and was awarded the top honor of the Commanders Trophy at military pilot training graduation. She was inducted into the prestigious Order of Daedalians, a WWI flying organization where she is a Director. She is also a Director on the Disabled Veterans Charities board where they award hundreds of thousands to disabled veterans in need annually.

    She retired after a 21 year military career as a LtCol and Instructor Pilot for the California Air National Guard in the 115th Airlift Squadron. She flew six tours of duty in the Middle East and has been awarded 5 flying Air Medals. She was named the 2010 California Air National Guard Field Grade Officer of the Year. She has earned her Masters of Science in Military Science and Operational Art. Patricia was the CEO of the Miss California Organization a preliminary to Miss America from 2015-2020. She has flown 23 years as a pilot for American Airlines and resides with her three daughters in Manhattan Beach, California.

    Michael Veltri Washington D.C. 11-17-2023

    Michael Veltri is a leadership expert, battle-hardened business executive, and Nationwide Bestselling author. Recognizin......

    Michael Veltri

    Leadership expert, nationwide bestselling author, and top-rated keynote speaker on a mission to fuel-inject leadership through better decision-making skills

    Michael Veltri is a leadership expert, battle-hardened business executive, and Nationwide Bestselling author. Recognizing that success in business and life is created by the daily decisions we make, Michael elevates teams, fuel-injects leadership, and  improves business performance through better
    decision-making practices.
    From ancient Japanese warriors to brain science, from business titans to academic research, Michael tapped wide-ranging resources to develop a groundbreaking model for better decision making that leads to exponential leadership growth and peak performance with balance, not burnout. Simple, elegant, and effective, Michael's approach has positively impacted some of the world’s most successful organizations, brands, and leaders.
    Michael is also a cancer survivor, decorated U.S. Marine veteran, and master-instructor in classical Japanese martial arts. He brings his business savvy, martial arts discipline, and Marine Corps leadership to every keynote speech inspiring, motivating, and educating audiences worldwide.



      “For me, it’s the relationships with the other Accelerent partners that makes the difference.  Through the Accelerent platform, we’ve been able to forge meaningful personal and professional relationships with the owners of dozens of growing and thriving Baltimore area businesses.   Once you develop connections at that level, the potential for meaningful partnerships and mutual business opportunities are limitless.”


      “There is no substitute for having a network of truly trusted friends who you can turn to when your business confronts a challenge. Accelerent has given us that broad network and it has already helped us in extremely valuable ways."


      “I find it remarkable how mutually beneficial it can be to engage with the Accelerent community. My team and I always go in with a “Give to Get” mindset, and we find that everyone else is just as willing to jump in with the same approach. In almost six years of partnership, designDATA has provided at least 100 referrals to partners totaling millions of dollars in revenue. designDATA has received at least an equal amount of support from our Accelerent partners as we have given. We have received at least 100 referrals and introductions during our six-year engagement, resulting in millions of dollars in revenue."


      Ready to Learn More?

      ‘It's Never Random - It's a Process with Strategy, Training, Tools & Support’.

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