Partner Success Story: Scottsdale Mortgage Advisors, Christopher Holmes

Scottsdale Mortgage Advisors prides itself on providing a five-star mortgage experience and the lowest interest rates available. They also offer mortgage workshops for other companies’ employees to help them get on the road to homeownership while simultaneously increasing engagement and retention. What sets them apart from others in their niche is their one-on-one mortgage planning session, a confidential client meeting during which they can review the loan application, discuss interest rates, closing costs, loan programs, payments, and cash needed to close in a transparent, comfortable environment, either in person or sharing a screen on Zoom.

How Much Business Have You Given During Your Time with Accelerent?

Over the last four years with Accelerent, I can’t count how many clients I have referred to my fellow B2C partners. I pride myself on referring every mortgage client to an insurance, financial planning, accounting, estate planning professional, and home improvement specialist as needed. It’s a fantastic value added for my clients while supporting Accelerent partners in growing their businesses. It feels terrific to help others.

How Much Business Have You Received During Your Time with Accelerent?

During the past four years, I have generated two times my Accelerent investment, and it has worked so well that I’m now a “Charter Partner.” It’s easily the most worthwhile investment I’ve made into my company’s growth.

Do You Have Any Advice for Other Accelerent Partners or Prospective Partners?

You must work to create and maintain the personal relationships that Accelerent affords you by meeting with each partner at least once per quarter and monthly for your Strategic Partners.

Additional Thoughts

Treat Accelerent like your best client, and it will become your best source of new clients.

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‘It's Never Random - It's a Process with Strategy, Training, Tools & Support’.

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