Snap Tech IT

Managed Service Provider (MSP)
Snap Tech IT
Decision Maker: Karl Bickmore
Decision Maker Phone: 602.316.1364
Contact Person: Karl Bickmore
Contact Person Phone: 602.316.1364
Office Phone: 480.553.9967
Address: 2127 W. 5th St, Tempe, 85281
Phoenix AZ
# of Employees:
11 to 50
Business Category:
Managed Service Provider (MSP)
General info

Snap Tech IT was founded by Karl Bickmore and has 3 offices; Tempe AZ, San Francisco CA, and Atlanta Georgia. Snap Tech IT is a managed IT provider that supports 2 main customer profiles, fully managed IT with customers who have between 15 and 100 employees and Fully or co-managed IT with customers that have between 100 and 2000 employees. We service customers with locations all over the US. We serve many different types of customers, the 3 customers that make up the majority of our customer base are Financial Institutions, Defense Industrial Base (mostly manufacturers that make parts for government entity’s), and Construction related industry clients. Most customers are near one of our offices, but some have no location in our office geographical area. For our customers we follow a proven process that helps customers reduce their business risk from IT, helps improve company morale being reducing employee frustration from IT issues, and helps customers leverage technology to win more business. Snap Tech IT is Soc 2 Type II accredited and has been every year since 2014. Our three differentiators in the marketplace are: • Process, Process, Process: We are process driven which makes our results predictable and consistent no matter the technical team member that performs the work. This reduce customer frustration by being able to work with any of our team members and get a good result. • Strong CyberDefense anytime and from anywhere: We are very focused on securing your systems and data. We know that your IT provider cannot be the weak link in your CyberDefense. We are vigilant users of Change Management processes, Hardening processes to reduce attack surface, and best practices that guide you to good solutions that are effective. • Hard right over the easy wrong: We operate at a standard to prevents us from participating in bad IT decisions. We will sooner bow out of a proposal than propose something to a customer that they are convinced it the way to go when we feel it is a mistake. We are not a customer is always right company, we help the customer make the right decision even if that makes our job harder.

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