Brant Brogan Photography

Brant Brogan Photography
Decision Maker: Brant Brogan
Decision Maker Phone: 323.962.7204
Contact Person: Brant Brogan
Contact Person Phone: 323.962.7204
Office Phone: 323.962.7204
Address: 20 West 91st Street, Kansas City, 64114
Kansas City MO
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Brant Brogan specializes in several areas of portrait photography, including corporate headshots, environmental portraits, kids and family portraits, commercial photography, and events of all types, including weddings.

A bit more about Brant’s background and approach...

As a portrait photographer with over two decades of experience, I've had the privilege of crafting captivating images that tell the stories of my clients.

Originally hailing from the heartland of Kansas, I embarked on a 20-year journey in Los Angeles where I had the opportunity to photograph actors, models, business professionals, and families, shaping my craft and expanding my horizons.

But feeling the pull to return to my home turf, I was thrilled to move my family back to Kansas City in 2018. I now bring the experiences of a diverse career to create authentic connections and memorable photoshoots for my clients throughout the metro KC area. My clients often remark on how what was once considered a chore, a portrait session, is turned into a fun and relaxed experience.

Whether you're a working professional seeking a standout headshot or a family celebrating your journey, let's collaborate to creat portraits that are truly exceptional.

A few more details about Brant’s photographic style…

1. Lighting Mastery: Central to my photography style is the art of lighting. I meticulously seek or craft the perfect light to accentuate the natural beauty of my subjects. Whether it's the soft, diffused light that complements a family portrait or the dramatic and well-placed lighting that enhances a professional headshot, I understand how light can transform a photograph.

2. Flattering All Subjects: I believe that every person is photogenic when presented in the right light, and I'm dedicated to making sure that every subject I photograph looks their absolute best. My expertise in lighting allows me to create images that you'll be proud to share.

3. Relaxed and Enjoyable Experience: Beyond technical skills, my unique ability lies in creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere during our photoshoots. I understand that being in front of a camera can be intimidating, and my approach is to dissolve any tension. Clients often commend the way I turn what could be a routine task into a fun and light-hearted experience.

4. Crafting Backgrounds: Just as I craft the perfect lighting, I also pay careful attention to backgrounds. The setting is an integral part of the story, and I ensure that it complements and enhances the subject, adding depth and context to each photograph.

5. Creativity: While I value authenticity, I also enjoy pushing the boundaries of creativity in photography. Whether it's experimenting with unique angles, playing with light and shadow, or incorporating creative props and settings, I'm always open to innovative ideas that can make your portraits stand out.

6. Post-Processing Expertise: My commitment to excellence extends to post-processing. I utilize editing techniques to fine-tune the images, ensuring that the lighting and background enhancements are seamlessly integrated while preserving the natural beauty of my subjects.

In summary, my photography style is characterized by a mastery of lighting that flatters all subjects, careful crafting of backgrounds, and a unique ability to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience. I believe that photography is not just about taking pictures but also about creating memories and telling stories. I'm excited to work with you to capture the best possible moments, enhanced by the perfect light and a touch of fun.


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