Executive Virtual Assistant
Decision Maker: Mel Carr
Decision Maker Phone: 808.852.9217
Contact Person: Mel Carr
Contact Person Phone: 808.852.9217
Office Phone: 808.852.9217
Address: 7100 East Lincoln Drive, Suite 3161, Paradise Valley, 85253
Phoenix AZ
# of Employees:
11 to 50
Business Category:
Executive Virtual Assistant
General info

Cloversy, a premier Executive Virtual Assistant agency, is an exceptional partner for active professionals seeking to scale their businesses. This US-based, 100% women-led firm stands out in its field, delivering services as rare and valuable as a four-leaf clover.

Under the expert guidance of Mel Carr, an experienced Executive Assistant with over two decades' worth of experience, Cloversy extends beyond standard virtual assistant services. It acts as a strategic business ally, specializing in assisting entrepreneurs to grow their operations without sacrificing their valuable time or energy.

One of Cloversy's key strengths is its understanding that time is crucial. As such, its executive-level assistants work tirelessly to manage your administrative needs, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your business.

Cloversy offers a multi-tiered support model, ensuring clients receive personalized, high-quality service tailored to their unique needs. From managing calendars, handling emails, and strategizing on business growth, Cloversy is committed to providing the support you need when needed.

Additionally, Cloversy effectively addresses numerous pain points for its clients. These include file management, software and website maintenance, and podcast publication. By taking care of these tasks, Cloversy allows entrepreneurs to concentrate on what matters most: their business growth.

Join the successful entrepreneurs who have harnessed the power of Cloversy. Discover how this professional virtual assistant service can revolutionize your business management. Experience the Cloversy difference today, and let's work together to scale your business.

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